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Dynamic permissions

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The main difference between static and dynamic permissions is that ASPRunnerPro create new tables for user group permissions settings in the database and build admin area in the application. Admins can update permissions online.


Dynamic permissions require three database tables to store permissions, groups, and group members. ASPRunnerPro allows you to create these tables or select existing ones. By adding a prefix in front of table names ASPRunnerPro allows several projects to share the same database.


On this screen you should select existing tables or chose prefix for the new tables where user group permissions will be stored and add admin user on the Set Initial Permissions dialog.





After building the project you need to login as admin, add groups, set up permissions and assign users to created groups.

Admin area on the generated pages

Add new groups and assign permissions to the groups. Use live search for a table name to filter the tables. You can display all or modified tables only. Order tables alphabetically or the way they appear in the menu (with groups and subgroups). Click Copy permissions from to copy permissions from one user group to the currently selected.



Assign existing users to the groups:



Add, edit or delete users: