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Two-factor authentication

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Two-factor authentication is a security mechanism that requires two types of credentials for authentication: login/password and an SMS verification code. It is designed to provide an additional layer of validation, minimizing security breaches.


Press the Two-factor authentication button on the Security screen to open a popup with the two-factor authentication options.



Enable the two-factor authentication and select the field containing a user phone number. You can also set the country code prefix for the numbers without the country code in your database.


The next step is to set up the SMS Settings. Two-factor authentication in ASPRunnerPro uses the Twilio messaging platform to send the verification codes to the users via SMS. You need to fill the Twilio Account SID, Twilio Auth Token and the number registered with Twilio fields.


yellowbulbNote: you may also set up the SMS settings at the Miscellaneous screen.


After you finish configuring the SMS settings, you can customize the message by pressing the Message button.