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ASPRunnerPro 10.2 Manual

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Event: BeforeShow<PageName>

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Function BeforeShow<PageName> is executed right before a page is displayed in the browser. Use this event to modify the value of any template variable or to define a new one.








xt - template engine object. Use xt.assign "name", "val" to assign a value val to the variable name.


templatefile - name of the template file being displayed.


pageObject - an object representing the current page. For more information, see RunnerPage class.


Applies to pages


List, Add, Print, Search, Export, Report, Chart, Login, Register, Password reminder, Change password, Menu




To display some text on the List page:


1. Proceed to the Editor page.


2. Switch to HTML mode and find the line {END container_recordcontrols}. Add the following code right before it:




3. Add the following code to the BeforeShow event.


yellowbulbNote: Change the values listed in red to match your specific needs.


dim str
str="<b>Today is </b><i>" & FormatDateTime(now(),1) & " " & _
  FormatDateTime(now(),3) & "</i>"
xt.assign "sample_code",str


Recommended sample events

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