Document management template

Upload files, create folders, download multiple files and folders at once. Share files and folders. Make sure to check drag-n-drop upload - simply drag files from your desktop to web browser. You can get this template for $50.

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If you are already own DocManager template v1, v2 or v3 you can upgrade to version 4 for $25.

Note: DocManager requires a valid license for version 10.8 or better of PHPRunner, ASPRunner.NET or ASPRunnerPro.


Folders and files

Live demo: Using drag-n-drop to upload files

Create a new account and upload files dragging them from your desktop into browser window.

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Changes history

Version 4 - December 2020

  • File versions/revisions
  • Store all files in the same folder or use folders hierarchy on the server
  • View PDF files online without downloading
  • Show image files thumbnails
  • Send file as an attachment

Version 3 - December 2018

  • PHPRunner, ASPRunner.NET, ASPRunnerPro version 10 support

Version 2 - July 2017

  • Bootstrap-based appearance
  • New sharing options: with selected users, with all users, share via link, link expiration
  • File download count


Frequently asked questions

How do I change the upload path?

After first build you can logon as [email protected]/admin. Proceed to 'Settings' table and edit the path to the folder where files are to be uploaded. We recommend using the absolute path.

Also make sure this folder exists and the web server user has write permissions on this folder.

How to create folders programmatically when new user registers

This step-by-step tutorial explains how to create folders programmatically when new user registers.

What are additional configuration steps for ASP version?

Since ASP doesn't have a built-in zip functionality you will need to install a free XStandard.Zip component on your web server to enable downloading multiple files at once.

How do I enable large files upload in PHP settings

You will have to make a few changes to php.ini file. Here are recommended settings to upload files up to 20Mb.

How to increase file upload size limit in IIS

You will have to make a few changes to web.config file in the root folder of your website. Here are recommended settings to upload files up to 512Mb.

How to hide 'Add Folder' button for everyone but admin?

Proceed to Page Designer, select this button. On the right side next to ItemID it will show you sample code (click ? sign): Here is the code you can use: