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Common event parameters

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You can use the following common parameters in your event code:


pageObject - an object of RunnerPage class that represents a current page. For more information, see RunnerPage class.




Before record updated event

' Get the current record and display the Make and Model fields' values
set data = pageObject.getCurrentRecord()
response.write data("Make") & " " & data("Model")


strTableName - name of the currently selected table.


values - array with the fields values from Add/Edit form.




Before record updated event

' clear the Comment field


If the field was assigned an alias in the SQL query, then the values array will get the alias instead of field name from the database. E.g. if you have SQL query select salesrep_id AS Inv_Salesrep ..., you should use values["Inv_Salesrep"].


keys - array with the key columns.




After record added event

values("FileName")=keys("ID") & ".jpg"


templatefile - name of the template file being displayed.


xt - template engine object. Use xt->assign(name, val) to assign a value val to the variable name.




Before display event

dim str
str = "This message"
xt.assign "message",str