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How to access fields in the field events

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Access fields from ClientBefore, ClientAfter events

Variables available in the field events


the current field, a Control object.


a RunnerPage object.




Set the value of the current field to 100.



ctrl.getPeer( field )

Returns another field control from the same page of the same row in an inline mode:


var ctlPrice = ctrl.getPeer('price');
ctlPrice.setValue( 1000 );

pageObj.getControl( fieldName )

Returns the field control. Works in any events where the pageObj variable is available.


var ctlPrice = pageObj.getControl('price');
ctlPrice.setValue( 1000 );

Access fields from the Server events


an array of values to return from the server.


returns an associative array with field values (field name => value).


DoAssignment data, ajax.getCurrentRecord()
result("record") = data
result("email") = data("email")

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