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Extended description
Sometimes you need more than text field and less than full featured textarea field with HTML editor (RTE).
This kind of fields are mostly welcome as a lead section of the news or articles. Normaly you have title, simple introduction (lead) and body of an article - field with full HTML empowered textarea editor.

What you do if you want your customer (not experienced user) to enter articles and manage all these fields? It's OK for textarea fields with RTE. But to nicely format simple text field containing few statements (as lead or description) RTE is too much - too many unnecessary options. In that situation your customer should know HTML tags.

Calm down! Extended description is here. You can configure it as:
- mini - then allowed HTML tags are: color, b, i, u, strike
- simple- then allowed HTML tags are: color, font size, b, i, u, strike, a, hr
- full -- then allowed HTML tags are: block font size, color, font size, b, i, u, a, ol, ul, sub, sup, indent, outdent, hr


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