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Demo Account

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Demo Account is a free service provided by to ASPRunnerPro customers. By using Demo Account you agree to the following Terms and Conditions.


Demo Account allows you quickly put ASP application generated by ASPRunnerPro to our demo web server ( for testing purposes.


You may find this feature useful if:

you don't have a web server on your local machine to test ASP pages


you don't have a webhosting account yet


you need to show generated application to your boss, friends or to support staff


To open and use Demo Account proceed to the Finished tab in ASPRunnerPro and click Demo Account button. To create an account enter your email and password. You will need this info to manage your account online. After account is created use Upload button to transfer ASP application to the web server. After successfull upload this application will open in browser.


Demo Account transfers generated pages and your database to the server. Currently supported databases are MS Access, SQL Server, MySQL.


To manage your account online proceed to You can browse uploaded projects, delete projects etc.


Demo account limitations:

Since this account is designed for demo purposes only first 1000 data records in each tables of SQL Server/MySQL databases will be transferred to the server. MS Access databases are transferred to the server wholly.


Maximum size of the archived project is 50Mb.


If you are interested in opening a full featured webhosting account that supports one click publishing from ASPRunnerPro, visit for more details.