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What are templates

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Upgrading templates.


Template helps you to create a themed web site easily and quickly.


It consists of ASPRunnerPro project file, pre-built pages, and a database. Supported databases are MS Access, MySQL and MS SQL Server.

Template is comfortable to work with, since a user doesn't need to take care about tables and database structure or about placing content on the web site pages. All you have to do is to choose template you need and generate the project.


To create a project from the template, on the first page in ASPRunnerPro select the template you want to use and click Next. Choose database type. ASPRunnerPro will create a database with all required tables in it.



Currently, the following templates are available for free:


You can create new project using two templates or add a template to existing project. For more information, see Working with projects.


Upgrading templates

To upgrade template, remove template tables from the project ('Datasource tables' screen) and then add template to the project again.


To avoid replacing template tables with existing all ASPRunnerPRO business templates (tables and files) have the unique prefix. For example, all tables of the project 'Cars' have prefix 'cars'.


1. Remove template tables from the project



2. Add business template back to the project