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Web interface guide

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Search panel on the List page

The search panel on the List page allows you to manage the search criteria. To display the search options, click the button with double arrows show_search_options_bt. You can make the search panel floating clicking the pin button pin_bt.



To display fields on the search panel, go to the Choose fields page, click the Search settings button and select the corresponding check boxes under Search Panel.


Use Add field button to add fields to the search criteria. To remove a field from the search panel, move the mouse to that field and click the close button close_bt_2.


You can add the same field twice which will produce OR search (e.g. username='admin' or username='test'). By default Contains search is implemented. To change this click Show options link.


Search panel and simple search box can be used simultaneously that will produce AND search.


You can use convenient data filtering via URL parameters. Sample search URL: carsmodels_list.asp?q=(make~equals~Volvo)(<model~—Āontains~70). This sort of parameters can be added to any List, Print, Report or Chart pages.


Column resizing

You can resize any column on the List page by dragging its edge. To enable this option, proceed to the Miscellaneous page and  select the Resizable table columns check box.