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Using FTP client to publish ASP pages to the remote Web server

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When you have created a set of ASP pages with ASPRunnerPro, you may use any FTP client to upload them on a remote Web server. We will show you how to do it using popular FTP client WS_FTP Pro as an example.


First of all, create your FTP server connection using WS_FTP Pro Connection Wizard. Follow the directions in the Connection Wizard - type in server name or IP address, username and password. Set connection type to FTP and connect to remote FTP server.



On the left panel (your local machine) proceed to the directory you have chosen as output directory in ASPRunnerPro. On the right panel you may see folders of your remote Web server. Create a new folder on the remote server, name it ASPRunnerPro and open it. Select all files on the left panel (menu Edit -> Select All) and click the Upload button.


When all necessary files have been copied to the Web server, start browser, type the name of your Web site in the address line and add "/the name of the folder you just made" after it. In our example, it will be: