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AJAX-based Functionality

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ASPRunnerPro comes with AJAX-based functionality added. Now you can search information more easily than ever with google-like auto-suggest feature. Web pages with AJAX driven dependent dropdown boxes are loaded faster. If you want to see details records you just need to mouse over the link, and you don't need to proceed to the Details page. Also new feature for lookup fields was added. Now you can choose the variant from suggest list which is refreshed each time while you are typing in the text box instead of searching through all values in the dropdown boxes.


yellowbulbNote: If for some reasons you don't want to use AJAX-based functionality then all you need to do is to change the useAJAX and suggestAllContent variables value in the include\appsettings.asp file to false.




AJAX-based Auto-Suggest

This feature comes in two versions and is enabled on the Basic and Advanced search pages. It is similar in fashion to that of Google Suggest using AJAX technologies.


Search suggest makes your site much more user friendly. To see how it will look like just begin to type in the search box. The picture below demonstrates the search suggest feature on the basic search page:



On the Advanced search page search suggest looks like this:



By default, search suggest results include all values in which the search phrase presents. If you want to be shown only those values that begin with the search phrase you should change the $suggestAllContent variable value in the include\appsettings.asp file to false.


yellowbulbNote: if a field is not shown at least on one page (list/view/edit/export etc.), then the field values are not shown in search suggest results. This is done to secure the confidential data like passwords and credit card numbers.

AJAX-based dependent dropdown boxes

In ASPRunnerPro dependent dropdown boxes are AJAX Driven. Dropdown boxes content is loaded in the real time using AJAX technologies instead of loading all the content on the web page load. This means web pages are loaded more faster now.


Details Records Preview

In ASPRunnerPro you can see details records preview directly on the list page. All you need to do is to mouse over the link. The following picture demonstrates how the details preview looks like:



The number of records in the details preview is limited. Only first ten details are displayed. If there is an image in the details then only first five details are displayed.


For more information about how to enable details records preview, see Master-details relationship.

Lookup wizard as Edit box with AJAX popup

This feature is added to lighten the search among the large amount of data. Now you can choose the variant from AJAX popup which is refreshed each time you type in the text box, instead of searching through all the values in the dropdown boxes.


To turn on this feature, you should select the appropriate check box on the "Edit as" settings tab.



After you build your project, you can see how it works on the Edit, Add, and Search pages. When you begin to type in the edit box AJAX popup appears and you can choose the needed value from the suggest list. If you type in the text box the value which doesn't exist in the database and move to another form control then the border of the text box will change color into red. When you correct the value, it will change back to usual.



The application will look for the occurrence of the typed in string anywhere in the list. For example, when you enter 'co', it will show 'Corolla' and 'Accord'. If you want to change this behavior and make it look for the values starting with the entered value, i.e. 'Corolla' only, add the following code to the AfterAppInit:


ajaxSearchStartsWith = true


If you try to submit the form with wrong value entered in the text box then the form will be submitted with the previous correct value entry.

AJAX-based pagination/sorting/search

This option enables AJAX search, pagination and sorting that allows updating data without loading the whole page again.


To turn this feature on proceed to the Choose pages screen and click '...' button next to the List page check box. Then select the AJAX search, pagination and sorting check box.