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About SQL query designer

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On the Edit SQL query page you can modify SQL query that ASPRunnerPro has built for you automatically. In most cases you can proceed with default SQL query.


This page includes graphical panes that display your SQL statement (Query Designer tab), a text pane that displays the text of your SQL statement (SQL tab) and result of edited query as table with values (Results tab). You can work in either the graphical or text panes and then check result of executed query. Query Designer synchronizes the views so they are always current.



1. Visual interface to design queries.


2. Automatic SQL Statement generation.


3. Create joins with drag and drop.


4. Grid pane to specify criteria (Order By, Group By, Where etc.).


5. SQL parsing - enter the SQL statement, and the diagram and grid will be populated.




yellowbulbNote: If your query for some reason doesn't work create view/query in your database and use this query as a datasource in ASPRunnerPro.

1.Run MS Access and create new query. Switch to SQL view.


2.Type your SQL query there.


3.Save this query as qryNewQuery.


4.Run ASPRunnerPro and use qryNewQuery as datasource table.